Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to learn more and be a better teacher for my students. I love modeling lifelong learning in the classroom and this is the perfect way to do it! I can only imagine how much new knowledge I will gain from this Professional Development opportunity!

Mrs. Farmery / 2nd Grade / Midvale Elementary

I cannot count the number of times the students have gotten up and walked to the back of the room, to our new corner shelf, to take some of the base ten blocks out to use during a math lesson. I am so proud of how much easier subtraction with borrowing has become in my class thanks to the use of your gift. My small math groups look different now that we have our base ten blocks. We are very hands on instead of just writing work down. Students are able to physically count out numbers in math problems and see how the numbers change based on the type of math that is being done. These base ten blocks have changed math for some of my students who have struggled all year with grasping these subtraction and multiplication concepts. I am so proud of how much they are able to understand and work out independently.

Mrs. Strawser / 3rd Grade / Amanda Elementary

Thank you so much for helping with the STEM activities for Science. Hands-on learning is so important and I am excited about the opportunity to teach the children with these resources. Thank you again.

Mrs. Johnson / Kindergarten / Mountain View Elementary

Thank you so much for helping me help y students gain STEM knowledge and skills they need during this pandemic. I am so fortunate for your help. I know I will be able to move my students to the next level thanks to STEM for Every Child!

Mrs. Jerez / 2nd Grade / Peachcrest Elementary

Winning the "Stem for Every Child" scholarship has been a true blessing! I'm one step closer to being able to go to school and focus strictly on my studies, rather than how to pay for it. It really makes a difference for my future. This fall, I'll be attending Nazareth College to pursue Music Therapy. Having this scholarship now allows me to focus more on learning to be the best Music Therapist I can possibly be! It is a huge honor to receive an award that stands for something that I'm passionate about, STEM and the healthcare industry. 

N. Campodonico / STEM Scholarship Recipient / 2021

 I will be attending Howard University in the Fall, majoring in Computer Science. Receiving this scholarship means so much to me as it helps close the cost of tuition and enables me to focus more on my grades and being active around campus by joining clubs and organizations relevant to my major and interests. Your scholarship helps me to continue my education and be a productive member of my community. Again, I appreciate the trust you have bestowed upon me to represent your mission by providing this scholarship. I will not let you and the STEM for Every Child Foundation down! 

J. Horton  / STEM Scholarship Recipient / 2021

My class loved exploring STEM concepts with the DIY mini-greenhouses and in doing so, they were able to not only learn and watch the process of growing something from a seed but they were able to learn that they can make a difference in their community by growing healthy foods in their own backyards.

My students have learned so much through this experience and it has opened a world of possibilities for them to continue to build on it as they grow. Thank you, STEM for Every Child!

Ms. Fernandez / Tuskegee Airman Global Academy 

Our school was looking for ways to engage our students with STEM activities that were meaningful and sustainable for years to come. STEM for Every Child transformed our approach to STEM by providing coding activities, LEGO robotic kits, and training. Our students have gained confidence and a love for STEM!  

Ms. Tarleton / Wells Elementary